Angus Grady; Enforcer of Allard Island

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Author: Cheryl Pillsbury

I began his world at the age of 16 in a diary.  I soon realized it became a story of adventure.  May 7, 2005 the first book was released and it has grown a popular audience. 

I love writing, sending people on various adventures to places unknown.  He's well known, respected and has powers beyond anyone's understanding.

I have also written several other books, Amie, Bradley & Farley, and my most popular signature, my vampire series.

Angus Grady; The Beginning

Learn how became what he is and what he will soon become.  The first journal takes you through birth, into childhood and when he becomes a man.  He also develops powers and telepathic knowledge unknown to anyone.  See how Duncan and Sarah raise him and create the world, Allard Island of what it is in 2156.

Angus Joshua Grady

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Angus Grady; Spirit of Arachula

An evil spirit of the air inhabits a woman's body to destroy the destined one and rule the world according Arachula's law.  Children disappear, dying, Duncan, Angus' father is missing and the Arachula crystal has vanished.  Will Angus and his team restore the what's gone before it's too late.

Future Adventures

Logan Wylde, pranic vampire

Blue Death

Fires of Lix Tetrax

Legend of Omer